2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Product/ServiceREWE MARKT GMBH
Category A12. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Corporate Image
Entrant THJNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Idea Creation THJNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Production SCHULZ + CO Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Armin Jochum thjnk AG CCO
Michael Ohanian thjnk Hamburg GmbH Managing Director Creation
Paul Carrera thjnk Hamburg GmbH Creative Director
Thimon Machatzke thjnk Hamburg GmbH Creative Director
Nicola Wettern thjnk Hamburg GmbH Art Director
Swenja Krosien thjnk AG Agency Executive Producer
Max Seidler thjnk Hamburg GmbH Senior Copywriter
Melanie Kaiser thjnk Hamburg GmbH Junior Copywriting
Alina Reckendorf thjnk Hamburg GmbH Account Manager
Juan Camilo Hernandez thjnk AG Editor / Cameraman

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?



There are many trading card promotions in food retailing – especially for major events like the FIFA World Cup. The perfidy: These promotions aim at children and are almost always attached to unhealthy products such as sweets. Rewe, Germany's second largest supermarket chain, is committed to a healthy nutrition of it’s customers. For example, at the beginning of 2018, the sugar content of more than 100 own-brand products was drastically reduced.

Describe the creative idea

Rewe presents: "Collect and get fit." – the first trading card promotion supporting a healthy nutrition of children. During the promotion period customers, who bought a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, were also given a particularly large number of exclusive DFB trading cards featuring the stars of the German national team.

Describe the strategy

That's why we used our trading card promotion for the 2018 FIFA World Cup to prove once more, that we care about the health of our customers – especially our small ones.

Describe the execution

OOH posters, social media, POS measures as well as a cooperation with the famous football coach and REWE market operator Holger Stanislawski made our customers curious about the campaign.

List the results

A small measure with a big impact. Shortly after the start of the World Cup our trading cards were sold out and the sales of fruit and vegetables increased by multiples. "Collect and get fit." – a win-win situation for us and our customers.