2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category C02. Live Shows / Concerts / Festivals
Entrant LOUDER Moscow, RUSSIA
Idea Creation LOUDER Moscow, RUSSIA
Production LOUDER Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Pavel Nefedov Louder General Producer
Zaripova Natalia Louder Producer
Alena Boriskina Louder Producer
Maxim Proskuryakov Louder Community Manager
Georgiy Vinokurov Louder Junior Producer
Arseniy Сhentsov Louder Technical Coordinator
Alexandra Tkachenko Louder Art director
Denis Skvortcov Louder Senior designer

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

We united football with real interests of the audience and became #1 spot during WC18.


June 2018. World cup finally came to Moscow. All brands are highly competitive. Adidas being the key partner of world cup had to hold a leader position. To unite fans, we created the main creative football hub during world cup 2018 with one month of non-stop brand entertainment: Creators Base Objectives: To create unique football platform, attract the audience and increase adidas' brand loyalty during World Cup 2018. To cause talk of town. Increase brand awareness and sales of adidas football products.

Describe the creative idea

During World Cup we turned Historical Museum of Moscow into a first creative football hub CREATORS BASE. Equipped with large football field CREATORS BASE hosted many tournaments and even some with FIFA celebrities, but that was only a start. To satisfy all target groups and made the brand recognizable we clash together football and cultural interest at one side. We mixed match broadcasts with hip-hop artists gigs, built customization point for every Russian team jersey owner, invite made exclusive collaborations with local & worldwide media to become 30 days long festival. For 30 days Creators Base welcomed over 120K visitors who also set new records in pop-up sales and product trial. The hub got 179,3 MIO OTS (62% positive sentiment) and was listed as Top-3 football locations during tournament. We reinvented football experience and saturated own place with unique content — and due to that became #1 spot during WorldCup.

Describe the strategy

Last summer football activations became commodity for Russians during FIFA World Cup. Every brand wanted to spread their football connection. That’s why adidas, as FIFA general partner, had to find bold way to become distinctive on such cluttered mediascape. To secure leadership adidas had to unite all branded messages in one area. We decided to build own football place in the heart of Russia. Museum of Moscow was chosen as most known place for Muscovites on one side, but highly disruptive for football activations on another. Being one of the trendiest brands in Russia, adidas managed to merge pure fun of playing and watching football with lifestyle activities to highlight their belonging to city life. As a result, we reinvented not only museum space, but audience perception of the brand and adidas football relevance as well. Target audience: young Russian males, 14-21, perceiving football as a part of life

Describe the execution

To unite everyone who live by the game adidas launched Creators Base — the main creative football hub for fans and young players with 1 month of non-stop brand entertainment. Located in Museum of Moscow and built with 5000 m2 of constructions, Creators Base hosted 30 days of activations, designed to satisfy all target groups: • Tango League & street football tournaments with invited football legends • 20 live gigs with top headliners • 10 media collaborations • 1 exclusive project with British SoccerBible mag. • Broadcasts of key WC18 matches • UPCYCLING PROJECT: following adidas’ sustainability approach, we turned 2000 m2 of banners into 1000 shopper bags Digital / PR / Influencers / SoMe Development and support of the digital hub https://creatorsbase.adidas.ru : project agenda, event calendar, registration for activities, photo reports, etc. SoMe: own, partners, football publics, influencers, celebrity, bloggers, online hub.

List the results

• 120K+ visitors • 90K+ unique visitors on digital hub • 179,3 MIO OTS in media • 62% positive sentiment • Record pop-up sales and product trial