2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category D03. Use of Social & Digital Platforms
Additional Company STUDIO GIESING Munich, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Alexander Schill SERVICEPLAN GROUP Global Chief Creative Officer
Hans-Peter Sporer SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Managing Creative Director
Luitgard Hagl SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Creative Director
Shari Bremer SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Art Director
Bjoern Koebe SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Conceptor
Malte Guestrau SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Copywriter
Julian Rinnewitz SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Account Director
Katrin Eberbach SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Management Supervisor
Hagen Fiedler Astral Kreativ Digital Executive Creative Director
Malte Bender Astral Kreativ Technical Director

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

With this work we designed an innovative eCommerce shop for our target audience, the digital natives, that directly activated them to engage with our product – and made all users multipliers for product and brand. We directly targeted them on social media to take part in a Like Shop challenge: Share a personalized post of their favorite outfit on facebook and pay directly with collected facebook likes of your friends. We thereby did not only activate and build a direct relationship with the users but even activated their friends to engage and interact with the Like Shop via postings.


Digital natives engage in different things than any other generation of consumers before: They are sharing their food on social media. And they buy online – not in retail stores. And only if their facebook friends like it. Because likes are the new currency. But so far they couldn’t actually buy anything for it.

Describe the creative idea

So, to promote the new Spring/Summer 2018 collection, we made a relaunch of our successful e-shop, that met the needs and lifestyle of our target group. The world’s first fashion webshop where you could pay with the actual facebook likes of your friends: The Strellson Like Shop. On the webshop you could upload a picture of yourself and mock it up with your favourite outfit of the new collection. You then could share the mockup on facebook and collect the likes of your friends to pay for the outfit.

Describe the strategy

Gen Y, the real digital natives, are a target group, every cool brand strives to address. But they are so picky and hard to reach. They don’t engage with products and brands without getting a great experience. They are banner blind, don’t watch TV and generally avoid classic advertising. They like to present themselves on social media, share ideas online and react to word of mouth more than to any other kind of advertising. So why not give them a platform to present their good taste in fashion – and make them multipliers for our brand. We use their need of self representation as word of mouth for the new collection at the same time. With the Strellson Like Shop we got them to engage with the brand and also be multiplier for it.

Describe the execution

We launched the new Strellson Spring-/Summer collection 2018 exclusively at the Strellson Like Shop. All you had to do to get one of the new styles: Generate a personalized post with your favourite look, share it on facebook and collect your friends’ likes to pay for it. A suit e.g. cost 350 likes. With the Like Shop every client became a multiplier – and every post was free advertising for the Strellson brand and the new collection.

List the results

Within two weeks, about 23,000 men (and 2 women) all over the world took part and accumulated 519,472 Likes. That equals about 2.6 million euro in earned media. The Like Shop received worldwide press coverage in more than 40 countries. In the target group of male millennials the brand awareness increased by 37%. And what we liked the most: the Strellson Like Shop was completely sold out within the first two weeks.