2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category A06. Retail
Name Company Position
Giovanni Porro Havas Milan CCO
Luigi Fattore Havas Milan Creative Director
Massimo Filimberti Havas Milan Senior Art Director
Alberto Mora Havas Milan Senior Copywriter
Fabrizio Piccolini Havas Milan Digital Creative Director
Stefano Zanoni Havas Milan Digital Creative Director
Manfredi CalabrĂ² Havas Milan Client Services Director
Andrea Cesana Havas Milan Account
Marta Kluzer Havas Milan Account
Federica Pescetto Havas Milan Account
Sara Poltronieri Havas Milan Producer
Hyperactive Studio Hyperactive Studio Production agency
Paolo Genovese Akita Film Film Director
Akita Film Akita Film Production agency
Exchanges Exchanges Video Post Production agency
Quiet, Please! Quiet, Please! Music licensing & editing
The Log The Log Audio Post Production agency

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

"Say it with books" is a campaign that transformed laFeltrinelli's products (books) in a relational tool, in a language ready to be used by everyone to express their thoughts and feelings. "Say it with books" is an invitation that the brand communicated to its clients during Christmas time. With this project we presented book as the perfect gift. Our biggest achievement is that we engaged laFeltrinelli's customers and changed their behavior: we promoted the purchase of multiple books at the same time, increasing the sales in bookshops.


laFeltrinelli is one of the major book publishers in Italy, with 121 bookstores. Despite being a mainstay in the Italian culture since 1949, today it's facing a new challenge. Italians don't read enough. Last year 58% of the population never opened a book. How can we promote laFeltrinelli book sales in Italy?

Describe the creative idea

We gave people the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings with a unique language, made with real laFeltrinelli book titles. For Christmas 2017 we presented books as the perfect gift, a unique way to communicate new and unexpected messages.

Describe the strategy

The target of this campaign is represented not only by book lovers, but also by people who are looking for a memorable Christmas gift. Thanks to this campaign we presented books as the most precious, intimate and meaningful gift. Because, unlike all the other presents, books can literally speak for you. If you have something special to say to your father, to your mother, or to a friend, you can "Say it with books".

Describe the execution

laFeltrinelli invited its customers and fans to "Say it with books", with a dedicated language. The brand started to use its book titles, stacking one over the other, to create new messages: wishes, thoughts, feelings. With this language we created our campaign: a 4 minute film directed by Paolo Genovese about a declaration of love made with books, a launch event with the Italian Minister of Culture and Tourism, out of home displays and dedicated posts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter. On social networks people spontaneously began to share their messages made with books. In bookstores customers could find ready-to-buy messages, composed with multiple books by the booksellers.

List the results

3,000,000 people viewed our short film. 6,600,000 people viewed and shared messages made with books. 14,000,000 media impressions. Our biggest achievement is that, thanks to this campaign, people who used to buy only 1 book, began to purchase 2 or 3 more. Stores recorded +10% in sales.