2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Product/ServiceNON PROFIT
Category A13. Not-for-profit / Charity / Governemt
Name Company Position
Damien Guiol Brand Station Art Director
Samy Benama Brand Station Copy Writer
Natcha Crea Brand Station Marketing Director
Loïc Chauveau Brand Station CEO, Creation Director

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

By using instagram, we made sure to reach directly our core target, the millennials. Anchoring our campaign on the Instagram social network made it easier for us to reach them to our cause.


In 2018, in a time were everything can be bought and sold, more than 168 million children aged 5 to 17 are still engaged in child labour and still need our help. How do we keep this reality from becoming a customary evil in our western minds ?

Describe the creative idea

#NoPriceOnKids is the first real hack of Instagram Shopping in the world for a N.G.O. On the occasion of the world day against child's labor, Unicef decide to hijack « Instagram Shopping » by putting children up for sale... for 0€. A deliberated price tag to remind people that a child's life is priceless. This campaign uses the instagram's brand-new shopping feature to raise awareness and help put an end to child exploitation.

Describe the strategy

We primarely designed the campaign to reach young individuals and families with affinities to socials causes; although no media was bought.We used the very recent launch and the novelty of Instagram Shopping in French consumer's minds as a PR platform to reach a wider audience, both in the specialized and mass media.Local tech and socially-conscious influencers were also targeted.

Describe the execution

A 40 seconds video describing the campaign was posted on Unicef France's Facebook page, as well as Instagram and twitter feeds at launch. The video linked to a website, designed as an e-commerce catalog where children were presented as available goods with price tags.6 visuals of the children with price tags were used on Unicef France's Instagram page to drive awareness of the campaign for its week-long duration.

List the results

Ultimately, UNICEF managed to set in motion a movement... - For 1000$ media investment : 3,2 millions $ in earned Media - 17 millions global impression in 3 Days?...fueling conversations among journalists, influencers and internet users... – Trending topic on twitter ... and kindling hope for a world where there really is No Price On Kids.