2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category A01. Food & Drink
Idea Creation OGILVY GERMANY Frankfurt, GERMANY
Idea Creation 2 SCHOLZ & VOLKMER Berlin, GERMANY
Media Placement MEDIACOM Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Additional Company MOVEMENT London, UNITED KINGDOM
Additional Company 2 ACHTUNG! Hamburg, GERMANY
Additional Company 3 THE COCA-COLA COMPANY Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Dr. Stephan Vogel Ogilvy Germany Chief Creative Officer
Tim Stuebane Ogilvy Germany Managing Director Creative
Felix Fenz Ogilvy Germany Executive Creative Director
Mark Freeman Movement Creative Director
Florian Hucker, Stese Wagner Ogilvy Germany Creative Director
Annette Jans Scholz & Volkmer) Creative Director
Igor Gripovski, Stephan Westerwelle Ogilvy Germany Art Director
Jana Schiebel Scholz & Volkmer Art Director
Simon Niedecken Scholz & Volkmer Copywriter
Leigh Pearce, Tom Shelton Movement Copywriter
Anke Roell Ogilvy Germany Copywriter
Simon Usifo Ogilvy Germany Managing Director/Head of Account Management
Laaiqah Aslam, Rebecca Evans, Will Hossner Movement Account Management
Marijana Kelava, Claudia Scheuber Ogilvy Germany Account Management
Rieke Kandel, Pia Tannenberger Scholz & Volkmer Account Management
Franka Mai Ogilvy Germany Strategy
Georg Ilse Ogilvy Germany Agency Producer
Sarah Cantillon Movement Digital Ltd. Strategy & Concept
Elena Forat, Sara Spangenmacher, Julia Jaeger, Waleria Horst, Joost Meinering, Catharina Wehrlin, Esma Meryem Evgen, Janine Gorczyk, Charlotte Athmann, Patricia Golasch, Anna-Magdalena Spengler all Teens/Freelancer Design
Alexander Sascha Nickl MediaCom Agentur für Media-Beratung GmbH Influencer Management
Sofia Hiestermann achtung! GmbH PR
Florian Barz, Anke Petersen, Anne Reiners Tony Petersen Film GmbH Film Producer
Zoran Bihac Tony Petersen Film GmbH Director
Benjamin Kempe PIRATES 'N PARADISE Berlin GmbH Editor
Lia Luckfiel, Eva Bankoley, Andreas Johler, Rica Klitzke, Melanie Niekant, Lars Senhen Coca-Cola GmbH Advertiser's Supervisor

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

We activated teens in their most relevant medium (Mobile) to design and shape the brand Fanta as they like – and in a way they like: we turned Snapchat into an innovative, intuitive designtool. WE TURNED EVERY TEEN INTO AN UNIQUE FANTA DESIGNER! – simply by using the sticker elements that we snapped. The best user generated design went from small screen to big screens: as out-of-home posters – WITH THE TEEN’S NAME ON IT! A new kind of poster flight – 100% designed by teens, 100% relevant for teens.


Teens are Fanta’s top target group. But traditional media and advertising promises don’t reach and wow them anymore. The result: lower and lower sales. Our challenge: increase brand love and consumption of Fanta at the same time.

Describe the creative idea

Because teens know best what teens like, Fanta hands over the campaign to its most important target group: fully, officially, hooray! Fanta presents: SNAPOSTER – DESIGNED IN SNAPCHAT, PUBLISHED AS POSTERS.

Describe the strategy

We didn’t tell teens that Fanta is cool. We put the brand fully into their hands and invited them to create and design whatever they think is cool by using their favourite App Snapchat in an innovative way. We put the Fanta brand experience to a new and engaging level.

Describe the execution

We used Snapchat, teens’ app No. 1, as an innovative, intuitive design tool. Did we pay for the sticker function? Nope. We simply snapped colourful Fanta elements that the teens made into stickers by using the scissor function – activated by Germany’s most popular influencer Julien Bam in his and Fanta’s Snapchat channel. The teens created more than 4,800 unique Fanta motifs in Snapchat. The best user generated designs went from the small screen to the big screen screen – as out-of-home posters. This Fanta out-of-home campaign became highly teen relevant content that didn’t disappear automatically after 24h (like in Snapchat). With mobile use we made the classic OOH brand new. And 100% designed by teens.

List the results

• The target group shaped the brand: the teens spend 2,250 hours actively with Fanta • 4,800 unique designs were generated by the young users • 5.6 Mil. views and votes on Snapchat • 11,000 posters all over Germany reached 256 Mil. contacts But most importantly, we achieved something priceless: teens felt proud spotting their Fanta motifs on the streets – and shared and commented them enthusiastically – again in social media.