2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category C04. Competitions & Promotional Games
Entrant SEVEN Moscow, RUSSIA
Idea Creation SEVEN Moscow, RUSSIA
Media Placement PEPSICO RUSSIA Moscow, RUSSIA
Production SEVEN Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Alexey Leybovich Seven Creative Director
Denis Bushuev Seven Art Director
Galina Kuznetsova Seven Account Director
Maryana Guseva PepsiCo BTL Manager
Oleg Ryndin Seven Designer

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

“My slice” is a new unique promo technique with no fixed prizes. We simply divided the prize fund equally among all participants of the promotion. However, thanks to the dynamic rate of the slices and direct correlation of the prize amount with the number of registered participants, the buyer interacts with 4 juice product lines of the company at the same time throughout the whole campaign.


In summer 2017, promotional activities of PepsiCo decreased and the top-of-mind consumers’ position began to weaken for a number of reasons. This required an unusual solution: conducting a promo that would guarantee a high contact frequency with consumers and create resonance among those not participating in the promo. In the last five years, promotion has become routine. One reason is use of a standard technique and static prize fund. All brands compete for attractive prizes. As a result, small groups of people communicate with the brand no more than 2-3 times. Therefore, increasing the contact frequency with promotion participants is one of the most difficult issues within any promotional activity. The situation was complicated by the inability to use codes and an announcement on packaging – the main means of information about promo campaigns. The only element of purchase confirmation was a receipt, which created an additional threshold for participation

Describe the creative idea

We realized that existing promo techniques were unable to create the resonance required. To solve this issue, it was necessary to create an absolutely new technique for the market capable of attracting participants and stimulating them to voluntarily make contact with brands. 3 parents of the new technique concept: - Children’s song “We shared a tangerine” - Wish of everybody wanting to get more than everyone else - Mass frenzy about cryptocurrency: everyone wants to earn with minimum investments, and to monitor rates and buy more when profitable to do so We decided to depart from fixed win sums by making the prize dynamic. This made the promo interesting. Everyone was ready to play this game: mothers, children, grandparents. And most importantly – everything was fair and guaranteed.

Describe the strategy

The target audience of the 4 brands is very wide: consumers of juice products are men and women aged 18–55 years old. The core is 25–30 years old. Since in summer juice lacked advertising activity, the creation of a vibrant promo idea was needed that would be able to catch up and have an impact on 2 target audience groups: 1. The participants of promo campaigns: - Increase significantly the frequency of contact within the promo to strengthen the position of brands in top-of-mind (average value for campaigns – 3 contacts, required – over 8 contacts) - Increase the frequency and amount of purchase, and stimulate repeated participation 2. Other customers not participating in the promo: - Clearly remind about brands with the help of vibrant promo campaign design It is necessary to encourage regaining of the market within the framework of all activities.

Describe the execution

Starting on August, 28, for 10 weeks, participants shared 10,000,000 rubles – 1,000,000 rubles a week. Everybody could get a share of the prize fund: - Buy juice and register the receipt on the website - Get 1 slice for every 100 rubles spent on juice On the site, the current rate of the slice is displayed. The rate is according to the formula 1 slice = 1,000,000 rubles / the amount of the slices issued. The dynamic rate of the slice and the desire to get more attracted the participants to the promo site. They monitored the drop of the slice, waiting for its slow down. And before the weekends, when the rate of the slice was higher than the cost of the slice itself, the majority of participants fled to stores in order to buy more slices. It served as a powerful technique to stimulate a second purchase.

List the results

This led to a fivefold increase in the number of people participating – unprecedented numbers for the juice market. Unique contact frequency – participants were constantly tracking the slice exchange rate, voluntarily communicating with the brands more than 32 times per promo. A bright multi-channel campaign helped us to regain our market positions. The most surprising of all, even once the announcements died down, the participants carried on engaging more and more with every passing day. And this means the agency once again managed to come up with a new technique that broke patterns and gripped the attention of the target audience.