2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Product/ServiceWEDGES - FRIES
Category F02. Low Budget / High Impact Campaign
Production 2 STUDIO 5 Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Alexander Kalchev DDB Paris Executive Creative Director
Mélanie Pennec DDB Paris Creative Director
Jean Weessa DDB Paris Creative Director
Florentin Heyraud DDB Paris Art Director
Thibaut Pirioux DDB Paris Art Director
Marion Dervaux DDB Paris Art Director
Sébastien Balondrade DDB Paris Copywriter
Cédric Ledoux DDB Paris Planner
Alexandra Mocanu - Photographer
Cédric Boit Studio 5 Sound Prodcution
Clément Reynaud Studio 5 Sound Prodcution
Stéphane Gazzo DDB Paris Managing Director
Fabien Donnay DDB Paris Account Manager
Julie Garguillo DDB Paris Account Manager
Laetitia de CAMAS DDB Paris Account Executive
Xavier Royaux McDonald's Advertiser Supervisor
Maurizio Biondi McDonald's Advertiser Supervisor
Guillaume Huin McDonald's Advertiser Supervisor
Céline Male McDonald's Advertiser Supervisor
Uriel Abalo McDonald's Advertiser Supervisor
Anne-Marie Gibert DDB Paris Press relation Director

Provide budget details

The total media budget was small and confidential: only 58 K Euros. Compared to the same period last year, sales have increased by 3%. McDonald’s France is now thinking of putting the frites-potatoes as a regular side dish.

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

McDonald’s France, has 1400 restaurants, and serves over 2 million meals per day. For 30 years now, the French fast-food market was almost a monopoly. But since 3 years, Burger King is back in France. So, how can you fight the funny new brand, when you’re such a leader brand? Just by listening to your consumers and remember them how much they love you and your products. And then, change your iconic French fries to let them enjoy.


McDonald’s France has 1.7 M of fans on Facebook. 1.7 M of people who spend their entire day giving us insights about the way they like to consume McDonald’s. A lot of fast-food lovers, who are use to argue about their favorite burger, Sundae flavor, Chicken Mc Nuggets sauce, etc. And we have found a recurring discussion topic in there: the side dish.

Describe the creative idea

In France, you get two side options at McDonald’s: the classic fries, and the potato wedges. And according to our consumers, to choose between those two is always a dilemma. So, how could we generate even more conversation about McDonald’s potatoes? To realize our consumer’s absolute dream, we have developed a third side option: the ‘frites-potatoes’: half French fries, half potato wedges in the same packaging; available in our 1400 restaurants, during one entire weekend.

Describe the strategy

To bring us maximum attention, we have chosen a special launch date: April 1st. So, nobody believed us when we have announced it one week before, thinking it was another April Fools’ Day prank. We didn’t deny, let our fans speaking, the media commenting, and finally reveal that, no, the frites-potatoes were not a joke and were going to be a real side choice at McDonalds.

Describe the execution

A 100% social media orchestration organized around two phases. 1. A teasing phase, to involve our consumers in the discussion. It is a known fact: on social media, you speak when you have doubts. So, we have created doubts. 2. A reveal phase. The challenge was a bit different: to keep talking. I. Teasing (March 23 – 29) 03/23: Launch on Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat. Facebook: Teaser video (377 K views – reach: 2,6 M) Dedicated event page: (reach: 999 k) Instagram: 3 Instagram stories (total views: 44 K) Twitter Creation of a dedicated Twitter account: @fritespotatoes 03/29: Leak (Twitter) II. Reveal (March 29 – April 2) 03/30: Reveal Facebook: Facebook live (1,4 M views – reach 271 K) Twitter: Social room on March 30th. Personalized answers to #fritespotatoes Instagram: 3 new stories (total view: 32K) 04/02: End.

List the results

Without a single euro spent on research & development or new packaging, we got: 807.555 sales in 4 days (59% of side choices) 15.176 #fritespotatoes and 20.69M impressions on Twitter 28.500 comments and 54.000 reactions on Facebook