2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category A02. Other FMCG
Media Placement ZENITH London, UNITED KINGDOM
Production UNIT9 London, UNITED KINGDOM
Production 2 BIG BUOY London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Ben Mooge Havas London Executive Creative Director
Elliot Harris Havas London Deputy Executive Creative Director
Brodie King Havas London Creative
Dan Scott Havas London Creative
Chico Barrera Havas London Creative
Diogo Abrantes Havas London Creative
Louise Bonnar Havas London Deputy Head of Production
Joseph Ogunmokun Havas London Senior Producer
Anya Williams Havas London Assistant Producer
Dominique Strouthos Havas London Assistant Producer
Frances Ellis Havas London Assistant Producer
Ainhoa Wadsworth Havas London Managing Partner
Nick Boyle Havas London Senior Account Director
Belinda Bennett Havas London Senior Account Manager
Annabel Dempsey Havas London Account Manager
Chantelle Begley Havas London Strategy Partner
Clare Phayer Havas London Strategy Director
Sarah Drummond Unit9 Executive Producer
Greg & Jacob Unit9 Director
Carl Burke Unit9 Director of Photography
Scott O'Donnell Unit9 Producer
Will Walsh Unit9 Editor

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

We live in an age where fashion is fast and cheap leading to a spiralling cycle of garment over-consumption and wasteful disposal. Our throwaway culture sees huge amounts of perfectly wearable garments ending up in landfill. The Vanish #LoveForLonger campaign will inspire a nationwide movement to change behaviour. We want to encourage people to keep their clothes for longer, alerting them to the issue of wastage and advising how they can prolong the lifespan of their garments Our integrated campaign harnessed PR, influencer-created content and invited everyone to join the cause by pledging their commitment and sharing across social platforms.


The role for Vanish as an ancillary product in the laundry repertoire is gradually being eroded and penetration is a growing issue. As regular laundry detergents increasingly stake their claims in our stain removal territory, we are losing relevance in people’s minds and routines. The objectives for the campaign were to reassert the brand’s relevance and reframe the role of a dedicated, and superior, stain removal product in modern laundry routines. Our campaign needed to showcase the amazing stain removal performance of our products as well as build a more engaged brand connection with our consumers. Our campaign would address both these goals through our sustainability mission to reduce clothes wastage landfill. We set out to challenge the perception that a stain means the end of a garment’s life and demonstrate how our products really do ‘Make the impossible possible’ when it comes to stains.

Describe the creative idea

The #LoveForLonger campaign aimed to create a nationwide movement inspiring people to literally love their garments for longer, rather than consigning them to landfill. Using startling statistics around the issue of clothes wastage we would wake people up to this very real issue. As well as driving our purpose-driven ambition, we needed to establish our relevant brand role by showcasing our amazing stain removal performance. We achieved this by setting up a dramatic torture test, scouring a massive landfill site, finding those stained and unloved garments that had been thrown away. We then restored them to perfect health, using the magic of our products and thereby proving that Vanish can indeed ‘Make the impossible possible’. We maximised campaign scale and engagement by inviting everyone to join us online and publicly pledge their commitment to the cause of keeping their clothes longer and then sharing the word across social channels.

Describe the strategy

It was essential that alongside taking a bold stance against the throwaway culture, we also established a clear and active role for our products in the story. Vanish needed to reassert its superiority to justify a place in people’s laundry repertoire because people increasingly expect their regular detergent to do everything, including stain removal. In reality, detergents just aren’t up to the job and our research showed that one of the top reasons people discarded garments was due to stains that detergent had failed to remove. Vanish set out to make a quantifiable impact on this wasteful habit, we used our products to overturn the widely held perception that a stain means the end of a garment’s life. We backed our commitment to the cause by providing helpful advice and tips on clothes care, all of which encouraged people to reappraise the worth of Vanish in laundry and life.

Describe the execution

Our integrated campaign launched with a PR reveal of our research finding around on the throwaway clothes culture of Brits to create noise and awareness in the public conscience. This was supported by the launch of our TVC which highlighted the startling statistics on clothes wastage in the UK and showcased our incredible product performance experiment. We worked with high profile influencers to amplify our campaign, presenting them with bespoke gifts of the salvaged and now fully restored garments from landfill. The resulting influencer-created content drove all our key campaign messages, both raising awareness of the wastage issue and highlighting our amazing product role in combating it. Online was a key channel to amplify our message and extend reach, we created a dedicated campaign hub with further information as well as content and awareness activations across social channels encouraging people to further consider, share and discuss.

List the results

Early research supported the campaign as a highly relevant and attention-grabbing brand platform. Consumers actively wanted to join the movement and became re-engaged with both the brand mission and the product role. First campaign measurement figures suggest that from a modest spend of £0.8m, we were able to reach over 175 million people. The PR campaign exceeded its reach targets by over 10 times, proving this to be a relevant and newsworthy platform. Influencer-created content achieved 10.4 impressions online with an engagement rate of over 20% against a KPI target average of 2 - 5%. This was achieved at a cost of just £0.04 per engagement. Overall, the campaign has proved itself to be a powerful and motivating marketing platform that will help shape the brand’s marketing DNA and activations in the future.