2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category E02. Sponsorship & Brand Partnership
Idea Creation ENVISION Aarhus, DENMARK
Media Placement ENVISION Aarhus, DENMARK
Production ENVISION Aarhus, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Tomas Olesen envision Client Service Director
Peter Boe Envision Creative Director
Rasmus Saaby Bentzen envision Art Director
Mads Engaard envision Art Director
Jesper Herholt envision Chief Creative Officer
Rikke Mia Bach Maffait envision Project manager

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

This work is relevant for the brand experience and activation / strategy category, because it demonstrates how effective planning and strategy, topped with creativity, can lead to successful brand activation. And generate sales on the short term as well as long term. Through insightful planning, we turned a red piece of polyester into a powerful medium. The effect was amplified by a carefully conceived strategy, allowing the campaign to generate global awareness of the brand – and drive record sales.


In the Summer of 2018 Denmark were going to the FIFA World Cup. As shirt sponsor of the national team, we saw a unique opportunity to both create awareness of the brand and generate sales. So that is what we set out to do. Being a sports brand focused on the social aspects of sports (rather than a sports brand that mainly pays tribute to the stars) we wanted to communicate this specific brand value and celebrate not only the players but also the fans in the stands. Our objective was to take advantage of the qualification and create awareness through a PR-driven campaign (with almost no paid media) and drive sales towards a very ambitious goal: To sell twice as many official shirts, as the previous launch.

Describe the creative idea

All football fans have their idols. And when you have an idol in football you buy a shirt with his name on it. That’s why you meet Ronaldos and Messis wherever you go. According to our brand position, we decided to reverse the roles entirely! We decided that the players should wear the shirts of the fans. First, we asked the fans to give us their own well-worn football shirts. Then, we cut them to pieces and carefully sewed them together again, creating new shirts from all the individual pieces. Each little piece representing the dedication of a loyal fan. Finally, before going to the world cup, the team played in the shirts as a sign of gratitude towards the fans and as a manifestation of the strong relationship between the two. The very relationship we wanted the fans to remember when the new official jersey was released later on.

Describe the strategy

Everyone who owns a football shirt, owns a tiny piece of a shared dream of success. At least if you look at the symbolic meaning of the shirt. However, considered merely as a product, the shirt is just a piece of polyester. Obviously, we didn’t want people to see a piece of polyester when we launched the new official shirt. We wanted to remind them of the meaning of the shirt: When you wear it, you become part of something bigger. Part of a community of players and fans alike. And that’s why you should buy exactly this piece of polyester. In other words, our strategy was to create a one-off teaser shirt – designed to remind the Danes of this deeply rooted meaning of a national jersey. And thereby position the official jersey (released later) as a “must have” for all fans.

Describe the execution

The execution was divided into three stages: 1. Firstly, we broke the news that the national team wanted to pay tribute to the fans by wearing a one-of-a-kind shirt, made from shirts donated by fans. The first stage was driven by PR and followed up with point-of-sale material in Denmark’s largest sports retailer (where fans could donate their jerseys). 2. Secondly, the donated jerseys were cut into pieces and carefully sewed back together so the team could wear them in an official match, a few months before going to the world cup. This stage was also supported by PR and followed up with social media, documenting the unusual shirt in action. 3. Lastly, we released the new official shirt using paid media (very limited, as the shirt was already hyped) PR and P-O-S-materials enabling our retail partners to support the campaign in-store.

List the results

Each stage of our strategy generated massive awareness. Stage 1 hit most national media. Stage 2 and 3 made the story travel internationally reaching a total of more than 1,300 mentions, including The Daily Mail, Forbes, Mirror, The Independent, Sky Sports, NBC News, L’equipe, The Sidney Morning Herald and South China Morning Post. In total, we amassed an estimated reach of more than 427,000,000 persons (source: Meltwater). In perspective: Denmark is a nation of just 5.5 million people. The estimated value of the PR was +11,500,000 USD (source: Meltwater). With a total spend for the campaign of just 164,000 USD, this equals a media ROI of 70. More importantly, the sales broke all our previous records: In the first four weeks, we sold 12 times as many official shirts, as the previous launch. Surpassing our target by factor six – and selling out before the opening of the world cup.