2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category C07. Customer Acquisition & Retention
Entrant MOBEXT Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation MOBEXT Paris, FRANCE
Media Placement MOBEXT Paris, FRANCE
Production MOBEXT Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Nabil BEKHTI MOBEXT (HAVAS GROUP) Head of Consulting

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

This work is relevant for Brand Experience & Activation because we set up a differentiating communication campaign highlighting Canal +'s exclusive content to generate new subscriptions for the client. This strategy was thought through the analysis of conversions made the last two years


For the promotion of Classico OM-PSG, Canal + wanted to develop an innovative and differentiating communication. With the evolution of media consumption, recruitment sequences have been considerably shortened, leading us to reinvent our communication strategies to be present at the decisive moments of the purchase journey. In a context of saturation advertising, where the attention is more and more difficult to capture, our strategy, centered on the "marketing moment", proposed an unprecedented experiment relying on an innovative advertising format, and a relevant use of the Data. Articulating coherently levers branding / power and lev levers "tactics", the campaign has achieved an unprecedented level of efficiency for Canal + In this situation, how best to exploit the potential of one of the most important football events of the year to recruit new subscribers.

Describe the creative idea

CANAL+ is the exclusive broadcaster of the french biggest soccer match which is Marseille against Paris We have noticed in the last two years that 60% of the conversions took place on the day of the event and especially on the mobile. The proof by the service was our strategy. With these lessons and as a coach, we opted for an offensive strategy to generate maximum visibility and impulse subscriptions. In other words, our intention was not to promote the event in a classical way but give people the opportunity to experience the event ! We therefore decided to develop an exclusive Rich Media mobile format integrating the CANAL + TV feed and allowing live broadcast exclusively 30 seconds of the game to all mobile users exposed to the campaign As Don Draper said, "Make it simple, but significant"

Describe the strategy

First of all, we studied over the last 2 years the temporality of the conversions and we noticed that 60% of the conversions were realized between 16h00 and 21h00 the days of major sporting events and that 70% were realized on mobile. We first used the client's internal data to reflect on the most relevant and effective strategy possible. In a second step, we identified the most judicious data according to the client targets (1 / Wide target: Sport / Foot Interest and 2 / Tactical Target: OM & PSG Fans) in addition to a media strategy planning (Sport and News apps), making sure to integrate the DMP client to exclude subscribers and maximize the conquest.

Describe the execution

As mentioned before, we have developed an exclusive mobile format that will broadcast 30 seconds of the match live and exclusively. So we broadcast the campaign only during the first 15 minutes of the match on football and news applications. We also reached mobile users based on their online and real life behaviors : - Behavioral data: mobile users who have visited sport / OM and PSG sites - Geolocated data: mobile users who have gone to football stadiums and especially to Parc des Princes and Orange Velodrome

List the results

We reached 580,000 mobile users! And they spent an average of 32 seconds in the format, which is huge for such a short format. Some lucky ones have even been able to attend OM's first goal within the format. We have increased the time spent in Mobile Rich Media formats by 4 (average 8 seconds according to our latest campaigns) We also generated over 21K clicks with a clickthrough rate of 3.65% and more than 300 subscriptions in 15 minutes! This is the fastest mobile campaign of history and the most prolific in terms of visibility but especially business impact.