2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category A05. Automotive
Idea Creation C14TORCE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Anne Laine SEAT Marketing
Brice Renvoize SEAT Digital
Julien Richard c14torce Strategy & Commercial
Julie Hasle c14torce Strategy & Commercial
Nicolas Strat c14torce Creative
Alice Scarbonchi c14torce Creative
Tanguy Agostini c14torce Creative
Pierre-Antoine Kraimps c14torce Project Management
Chloe Travaillard c14torce Project Management
MediaMonks MediaMonks Creative Digital Production Partner

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

SEAT’s new model SUV, the SEAT Tarraco, is the most elegant and sophisticated in the SEAT SUV range. The car is designed for adventure, and goes accompanied by the slogan: “Why not Now?”. SEAT wanted to create an unique experience at the 2018 Paris Motor Show that asks people that very question. Visitors were invited to step inside the mirrored booth and start a reflective conversation with the visitor.


The new Seat Tarraco SUV is accompanied by the slogan “Why Not Now”. The car is designed for people to make the most out of their lives and is the largest, most elegant and sophisticated SUV in SEAT’s SUV range. So to launch the car at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, SEAT wanted to create a conversational voice experience that asks visitors the question: Why not now? The objective was to make people think about the things they want to do in life, and discover what’s holding them back. All while giving a unique, memorable voice to the brand while driving the debut of the new Tarraco SUV.

Describe the creative idea

Why Not Now is a conversational voice experience that encourages visitors of the 2018 Paris Motor Show to think about what they want to achieve in life. The mirrored booth provides a reflective surrounding, while the voicebot starts a connversation about what is holding them back. Reacting to their voice, particle effects surround the visitor in a dreamlike atmosphere. Based on the visitors’ answers, the voicebot suggests where their life should take them next, supported by inspirational videos of future adventures. After suggesting a next step to follow, the voice bot asks the visitor: Why not now?

Describe the strategy

The experience is strategically placed at the busy Paris Motor Show (1mln+ visitors). SEAT wanted to target existing customers, as well as potential new customers attending the show. Visitors of the show got a look at the new Tarraco, so they could get to know the car. In addition to that, visitors could deep-dive into the claim Why Not Now, with the conversational experience that let’s people think about how to make the most out their lives.

Describe the execution

Using Google’s Dialogflow technology, the voicebot gets to know the visitors preferences, their dreams and perceptions. Are they explorers, dreamers, thrill-seekers? Where would you like your next adventure to bring you, the sky, the sea or the ground? Based on their answers, the experience provides the visitor with a suggestion thats fits their personal preference, supported by inspirational videos of their next possible adventure. The experience ran throughout the Paris Motor Show (11 days).

List the results

Hundreds of visitors came to experience the installation, sharing social souvenirs, becoming inspired to take action. They were given a moment to stop and reflect, thinking about what’ holding them back to make the most out of their lives. The conversational brand experience provided SEAT with a unique brand voice