2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category D01. Touchpoint Technology & Tech-led Brand Experience
Idea Creation IRIS London, UNITED KINGDOM
Additional Company SAMSUNG New York, USA
Name Company Position
Younghee Lee Samsung Electronics EVP
John (chang Young) Kim Samsung Electronics VP
Zach Overton Samsung Electronics America VP /GM
Moses Choi Samsung Electronics Senior Manager
Stanley (Yongho) Han Samsung Electronics Senior Manager
Justine (Eun-Sook) Koh Samsung Division Leader
Yvonne Ng Samsung Electronics America Manager, Progamming & Partnerships
Yeo Jeong Shin Cheil Worldwide Global Account Director
SungHo Kim Cheil Worldwide VR Experience Director
Jeremy Cochran Iris Chief Client Officer
Stuart McKenna Iris Head of Interactive Experience
Rob Leeks Iris Creative Innovations Director
Joel Lim Iris Associate Creative Director
Fraser Thomson Iris Account Director
Chloe Aldridge Iris Production Director
Alexis Garcia Iris Senior Producer
Karl Woolley Framestore Head of VR
Heather Kinal Framestore Executive Producer Immersive Entertainment
Jonathan Forder Framestore Lead Developer Hardware Integration
Alex Perry Framestore Lead Developer Content
Taylor Kennard Framestore VR Producer
Makoto Tanaka Framestore Lead Tech Artist
Taekyu Tang Framestore Lead CG Artist
Richard Fish Framestore Lead Production Technology
Thor Bunting Framestore Developer
Jason Fox Mannetron Lead Software & Project Manager
Steve Lane GCRS Technical Lead Sound Engineer
Mirren Malcolm-Neale GCRS Audio Developer

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

Samsung are constantly looking for new ways to enhance user experiences, by pushing the edge of innovation, to unlock potential and break down barriers. Since NASA launched the Apollo program in 1968, only 12 American men have walked on the moon. With the launch of this campaign, Samsung’s highly-immersive VR experience democratizes an experience that has only previously been reserved for a select few. The experience does not discriminate, is inclusive of gender, age (13 years and older), race, class or beliefs – hence why the realistic cinematic adventure is called “A Moon For All Mankind”.


Only 12 male American astronauts have ever walked on the Moon. Through our technology, our creativity and our products, we want to democratise the Moon and excite the next generation about the ultimate human endeavor – the exploration of space. When people experience the Moon for themselves, they’ll be inspired to reach for the stars and take an active role in human progress - as scientists, mathematicians, engineers and yes, even astronauts. We were tasked to deliver a virtual reality experience that would be considered a "VR masterpiece" - an immersive experience that, in the client's own words, let you do what you've only dreamt of, or “Do What You Can’t”. "A Moon For All Mankind" was our response to the brief. We pushed the limits of what a phone can do and open the Moon to all, in line with Samsung’s Global brand promise.

Describe the creative idea

Samsung and NASA joined forces to open the Moon to all as the 50th anniversary of the Lunar Landing approaches. 49 years ago, the world held their breath as Armstrong stepped on the Moon. It was hailed as a “giant leap for mankind”. In reality, only 12 male astronauts have set foot on the Moon. By pushing the limits of what a phone can do, we opened up the moon for all. - We brought together world-class VR creators, engineers and NASA, to create the most accurate experience of walking on the Moon, on earth - Our rig registers your weight in real time, then offsets it by 83%. This means when you jump you feel like you’re one-sixth of your mass on earth - The Moon landscape matches NASA Lunar topographical data - Explore the Moon and plant your own flag

Describe the strategy

The timing of the launch of A Moon For All Mankind could not have been better as we ramp up to the 50th anniversary of the Lunar Landing in 2019. The halo-effect of our consultation and partnership with NASA – something no other competitor has – gave the experience an incredible amount of credibility and made the 4D VR experience more attractive to participants. We wanted to engage global consumers who were Samsung users as well as other smartphone brand users. To Samsung users, we wanted to reinforce their positive disposition towards the brand through a VR experience that could not have been achieved on any other smartphone and VR headset combination. To non-Samsung users, we wanted to demonstrate the hardware and software edge the Samsung S9 and Note8 had over their smartphones.

Describe the execution

The first activation of the 4D VR lunar gravity simulator ‘A Moon for All Mankind’ happened in Samsung's home country during the Winter Olympics. A full experience was set-up in the Samsung Olympic building on its VR Floor. The second iteration of the experience was at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. This time we had not one, but two Lunar gravity simulators and a huge play area in Samsung’s flagship event space. With registration opening at 9am on a daily basis, the experience sold out by 9.15am each day. July saw us launch the experience to the public in the centre of Samsung’s 3 story flagship 837 store, in New York City, where it continues to run free of charge to anyone aged 13 or older.

List the results

Overall 'AMFAM' has received: 152M Social media impressions 5.3M PR impressions 6.93M seconds of VR moonwork Since launching to the public at Samsung 837 in New York, “A Moon for All Mankind” has: • seen over 578 guests walk on the moon. • provided over 1,734 device interactions. • 97% of guests thinking it was a cool collaboration between Samsung and NASA. • highlighted Samsung as a leader in tech innovation according to 98% of guests. • made 86% of guests more interested in buying a Samsung product. • provided consumers with engaging digital takeaways which garnered 921 social mentions and 317 social shares. Overall, “A Moon for All Mankind” has received nothing but positive sentiments and has been coined by media, who have taken a step on the Moon, as one of the best and most immersive VR experiences they’ve ever done.