2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Product/ServiceKETNET JUNIOR
Category B03. Use of Broadcast
Production 2 CZAR Brussels, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Peter Ampe FamousGrey Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Detavernier FamousGrey CXD
Diederik Jeangout FamousGrey Creative
Marc Richard Vander Heyden FamousGrey Creative
Joanna Ryckaert FamousGrey Copywriter
Jonathan Lichtfeld FamousGrey Designer
Marc Fauconnier FamousGrey Business Director
Katrien Crabbe FamousGrey Account Director
Cato Samyn FamousGrey Project Manager
Maarten Van Daele FamousGrey Strategist
Floris Adriaenssens FamousGrey Connection Planner
Emily Rammant FamousGrey Productions Production Director
Loes Fierens FamousGrey Productions RTV Producer
Eli Sundermann FamousGrey Productions Sound Engineer
Arnout Everaert FamousGrey Performance Strategist
Jonas Sprengers FamousGrey Social Marketeer
Sam Khokar FamousGrey Performance Marketeer
Eurydice Gysel Czar Executive Producer
Toon Aerts Czar Director
Toon Aerts Czar DOP
Lander Engels Czar Producer
Rien Behaeghe Czar Producer
Bieke De Keersmaecker Czar Post Producer
Kristof Van den Bergh Czar Editor
Robin De Praetere Czar Editor
Sven Vanhee FamousGrey Productions Editor
Jasper De Ryck FamousGrey Productions Editor

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

Ketnet Junior is a Belgian TV network delivering world class entertainment content for toddlers. From now on, the most popular shows airing on Ketnet Junior will have interactive subtitles written specifically for parents who watch along with their youngest. The subs include jokes, fun facts and conversation starters that make watching together all the more fun, and most of all, truly enjoyable for parents.


In an increasingly fragmented media landscape, a growing number of competitors and toy brands equally becoming publishers targeting our audience, it's become much harder for networks like Ketnet to connect with young families. The brief put us on a mission to position Ketnet Junior as a Love Brand - both on TV, social and online - for both children and parents. We were primarily looking to grow reach, frequency and engagement metrics on YouTube - where the biggest growth opportunity lies for us.

Describe the creative idea

From now all, all popular TV shows on Ketnet Junior come with subtitles written specifically for young parents. They contain fun facts, jokes and conversation starters so that parents can enjoy Ketnet Junior content too, and watching TV together becomes all the more pleasant. More than 600 subs were written to enhance every show.

Describe the strategy

Since parents decide which network their young ones watch, we knew we had to build relevance amongst them as an audience. We also know that kids entertainment can be a powerful conversation starter between parents and children, if the content is suitable. Children’s programs are usually not pleasant to watch for adults - so we needed to add a big USP to them. Subs make Ketnet Junior's most popular shows fun to watch for parents too. The idea repositions Ketnet Junior; a network for kids and parents.

Describe the execution

Our communication started in the Belgian autumn holiday, when schools were closed for one week. To communicate our brand promise, we used high reach touchpoints: radio and a 30” TVC commercial broadcasted through all channels of the broadcaster in high rotation (marketshare radio: 64,1%, Marketshare TV: 39,4%) in the first 3 weeks of November. Our digital assets were launched during the same period, showing our product demos to a pre-defined target audience. On social we used 6 demos that differ in length and content. On YouTube, we ran 2 different demos. Demo one targeted people who searched for children’s content in the past week, Demo 2 targeted people who were watching children’s content at that moment. Search ads were put in place and used as a trigger to target interested audience with one of our YouTube pre-rolls. The digital campaign is expected to run until the end of November

List the results

Results after one week were more than encouraging. Digital results showed our message really caught on with our target audience. After one week, our YouTube pre-rolls reached more than 500.000 unique viewers, from which a staggering 43,62% watched the pre-roll until the end. Knowing the total length of our pre-roll was 30 seconds, we can assure that our campaign really caught the attention. On search, we reached a CTR of 13,35%. Well above the benchmark of 2%, leading to a cost per click of 0,08€ and more than 12.000 visitors on the website. But it was not only the message that caught on, it also drove our audience towards all relevant Ketnet Jr. channels. In a cluttered and declining TV landscape, our market share rose from 0,5 to 3,5% while app usage increased with 15%. Both numbers are still rising while the campaign is still running.