2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category B03. Use of Broadcast
Idea Creation 2 MRM//McCANN Frankfurt, GERMANY
Media Placement UM Frankfurt, GERMANY
Production STUDIO FUNK Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Additional Company NHB Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Sebastian Hardieck McCANN Worldgroup Germany Chief Creative Officer
Martin Biela MRM//McCANN Executive Creative Director
Thomas Auerswald McCANN Worldgroup Germany Creative Director
Thomas Dempewolf MRM//McCANN Group Creative Director
Olaf Haarsma MRM//McCANN Creative Director
Sandra Schaus MRM//McCANN Art Director
Jan-David Winter MRM//McCANN Junior Art Director
Luo Yu MRM//McCANN Art Director
Danijel Beljan MRM//McCANN Creative Technologist
Mark Hollering MRM//McCANN Director Creative Technology
David Broghammer MRM//McCANN Social Media Manager
Fabian Moretti MRM//McCANN Copywriter
Juergen Bogendoerfer MRM//McCANN Senior Application Engineer
Andreas Zschischang MRM//McCANN Account Director
Saskia Haack MRM//McCANN Senior Account Manager
Timo Kockmeyer Studio Funk Sound Engineer
Tim Treppenhauer Universal McCANN Director Client Services
Klaus Flemmer McCANN Worldgroup Germany Head of Production

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

In Germany tool giant Black+Decker is not just known for its tools but also for an unforgettable audio signature from the 1980s. Its fanbase is also hard to excite. Unless you offer them the opportunity to complete their extensive tool collection in the pre-Christmas season: for example, with an extraordinary sweepstake. This is a brand building experience that activates the classic Black+Decker audio signature and get the all-important attention of DIY enthusiasts/store visitors.


Black+Decker is still the world’s leading manufacturer of hand and power tools, but brand awareness has decreased over the years. Our goal was to increase brand affinity by going after the target market both on radio and on social media channels, where the Black+Decker community is loyal and active. This story went back to a cult campaign from the 1980s featuring the neverending and in Germany famous audio signature blackanddeckerblackanddeckerblackanddeckerblackanddecker … and used it to create an incredibly unique online activation.

Describe the creative idea

A digital and radio activation to give the most famous audio signature on the DIY market a neverending URL. The digital Black+Decker advent calendar makes typing in a URL an unforgettable brand experience. Listeners who type in exactly the right amount of “Black+Deckers” can win a great Black+Decker tool each day – and memorize the brand, not only acoustically, but also physically (through repeated typing).

Describe the strategy

The target audience reflects both Black+Decker and DIY fans, male and female, active on social media or not. The social media strategy was focused on hardcore fans and followers. Because the DIY market is highly competitive in the pre-Christmas season, Black+Decker needs a new and uncommon way to touch people more often during their costumer journey. That’s why the media strategy’s radio part brought additional volume and a broader integration of the target groups into the contest.

Describe the execution

On radio a short audio spot and on social media a video post were aired each day, announcing the apparently neverending URL valid only for one day. Listeners have to listen carefully and type it in the browser window. At 6 p.m. sharp, the website matching the URL disappears from the net, along with the daily prize. On the next morning, a new one appears – with another neverending URL: www.blackanddeckeradventskalender.de/blackanddeckerblackanddeckerblackanddeckerblackanddeckerblackanddeckerblackanddeckerblackanddeckerblackanddecker …

List the results

The success of the Black+Decker Christmas sweepstake exceeded the client’s expectations by far: 207.104 impressions. 52.389 views/interactions. Total reach of 196.343. And 1 happy winner every day.