2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category F01. Integrated Campaign led by Brand Experience & Activation
Idea Creation INSTINCT Moscow, RUSSIA
Production REFLEX Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Roman Firainer & Yaroslav Orlov / Antonina Pirogova / Evgeniy Golovan / Anna Zakharova / Marina Vershinina / Olga Chernova / Kate Seliverstova / Reflex Production / IKEA Russia Instinct / Instinct / Instinct / Instinct / Instinct / Instinct / Instinct / Reflex Production / IKEA Russia Chief Creative Officer / Senior Art Director / Senior Copywriter / Strategic Director / Client Servi

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

Russian people perceived the IKEA furniture as ordinary and predictable, only be used to create Scandinavian style interiors which everyone has. People don’t expect something new or interesting from IKEA. Our objective was to change IKEA image as boring and predictable. Standard advertising campaign will not change the IKEA image and perception of the customers. So, we decided to involve and immerse customers into the “IKEA world”, show them the other ideas that IKEA could offer. We give customers an opportunity to look through the ideas from IKEA and feel them in real life experience.


The competitive environment has grown. The number of outlets that offer customers a wide variety of solutions for furnishing, decoration and home design has increased. At the same time, in Russia, IKEA furniture is perceived as ordinary and predictable. Most people imagine typical Scandinavian furniture and cold similar interiors. People do not expect anything new from IKEA. The annual autumn launch of the new IKEA Catalog is not only the opportunity to present new collections. This is an event traditionally awaited by the customers. So, IKEA decided to made focus on the image of the IKEA and to prove our customers that IKEA it’s not only minimalistic and predictable products. And to demonstrate them how IKEA can help create completely unexpected and unique interior solutions.

Describe the creative idea

The products from the new IKEA Catalog are so original and unique that with these IKEA products it is possible to create in apartments any interior even the most unexpected one. THE HOME THAT HAS YET TO BE IMAGINED!

Describe the strategy

Our target audience - family men and women aged 25-45 years, who are interested not only in arranging in their home comfortable and cozy environment, but also who are interested in their house getting a certain "face", style and character. They can't afford to invite a designer to decorate their apartment. They perceive the IKEA offer as a set of white or wooden racks, which everyone has, and which are recognizable in other apartments. They do not see in IKEA unique character, which they would like to impart to their own apartment. Our objective was to change IKEA image as boring and predictable. And to show that IKEA has products for different styles and tastes, with IKEA you are not limited to standard home-furnishing solutions.

Describe the execution

To convince customers that IKEA interior design solutions can be unexpected and unique and that they can be created with the IKEA products we found descriptions of 5 interiors from different periods and styles in famous novels and turned them into 5 real room sets using only IKEA products. In 11 Russian cities we created one of the most amazing interior in real life as the IKEA photo zone. Each customer was invited to visit interiors using VR glasses. While customers were looking round the interiors, actors were reading the extracts from the novels. On the ikea.ru website we offered a 360-degree video tour through all the interiors Anyone could wander thru the amazing interiors and compare the results with the quotes that actors were reading. Poster & Print campaign with the interiors were placed in all forms of public transport in Russia's seven largest cities.

List the results

The brand perception in terms of "The brand offers me something new" increased during campaign by 6%, and the perception "Offered variety of styles in IKEA is so great, that I will always find something for myself" – by 8%. The average number of visited pages of the IKEA Catalog during the campaign increased from 5.3 pages to 7.4 pages (by 39%). The share of IKEA website (ikea.ru) visitors, who make the shopping list, increased from 3.8% on average to 5.6% (by 47%). Additional store traffic during the campaign period – 8,4 million people.