2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category A05. Automotive
Entrant ACHTUNG!mcgarrybowen Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Idea Creation ACHTUNG!mcgarrybowen Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Production 2 51 NORTH Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Mervyn ten Dam ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen Creative Director
Wilmar Versprille ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen Creative
Matthijs Groos ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen Creative
Scott Kooken ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen Junior Creative
Martin Stuk ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen Junior Creative
Chris Mezöfi ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen Design Director
Jack McAuliffe ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen Designer
Sven Vening ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen Account Director
Kim Buijs ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen Content Producer
Ingrid Oudejans Pon’s Automobielhandel B.V. Manager Marketing & Smart Mobility
Anne Pellekoorn Pon’s Automobielhandel B.V. Product Marketeer
Pieter Bas Elskamp Pon’s Automobielhandel B.V. Product Marketeer
Pim Hendriksen Joffra Creative Management Director + Photographer
Rob van der Voort Joffra Creative Management DOP
Rob van der Voort + Pim hendriksen Joffra Creative Management Edit + grading
51North 51North Developer
Jorrit Kleijnen Paraphrase Composer
Emiel van Lenthe Fresh Fruit Digital Online marketing agency

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

Being one of the most premium car brands, Porsche wanted to find a way to increase qualitative leads for test drives, truly fitting it’s brand. Against all odds, we successfully generated leads through brand activation for a volume product at the end of its life cycle. Thanks to the uncommon approach and using the power of the Porsche brand, the activation brought in three times more qualitative leads compared to similar campaigns, of which 1 in 5 converted to sales. Marché Macan can therefore be seen as a truly premium activation campaign, for something as simple as a test drive.


In the first half of 2018, the 2013 edition of the Porsche Macan was reaching the end of its lifespan, before being replaced by an updated edition after the summer. As the Macan is Porsche’s ‘volume’ model, Porsche aimed to sell as many Macan’s (of the ones still available) in the final months of the model’s availability. Since it’s a Porsche, the Macan is the one of the most powerful and sportive cars in its segment. Competing against less sportive models from e.g. Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover and Jaguar, test drives are key to Macan-sales: once you’ve tried the Macan, chances are likely you rather buy the Porsche compared to its competitors. Brief: create an uncommon lead-gen campaign that generates qualitative leads for test drives in the Porsche Macan.

Describe the creative idea

Marché Macan. The first online shop without delivery. Customers had to pick-up their purchase in a Porsche, instead of getting the goods delivered right to their doorstep. The webstore was filled with exclusive goods, produced in the most beautiful parts of Europe, which could only be acquired during a test-drive in a Porsche Macan. To reach even more drivers, we integrated our service in several online luxury stores. Turning ordering online into a truly uncommon journey.

Describe the strategy

Porsche drivers have a keen eye for the finer things in life. But you don’t move Porsche drivers with ordinary things. For those who can afford to own a Porsche, experiences are far more appealing than luxury gifts. People who choose Porsche, choose uncommon. That asked for an uncommon approach. We challenged people to break through their daily grind, using Nir Eyal’s ‘investment’-principle: when users put in effort (e.g. time, money, personal data, emotional connection), they show higher commitment to your product afterwards. Our strategy: make it deliberately challenging to get something, to trigger interest and get people ‘hooked’, while building in small rewards along the way to keep them in. We asked one simple question: if you love to drive, like Porsche drivers do; why have a package delivered, if you can pick it up yourself? In the end, it’s not about the destination, but about the road.

Describe the execution

We launched Marché Macan with a kick-off film, that was spread on social, via DM, through influencers and in relevant press. This lead to awareness for the webshop. As Porsche is a niche brand, all communication was hyper targeted based on known data and potential buyer profiles. For the webshop, we curated a selection of products fitting the Porsche brand. All chosen products were located in extraordinary places, and could only be reached through an interesting drive. After people ‘bought’ a product of their liking, their data was scanned by a smart database, filtering out only relevant leads for Porsche. This data was shared with local dealers, who followed up with an appointment to pick-up the chosen product. To increase awareness, interaction and conversion, we partnered with several webshops to implement an ‘add to Macan’ button.

List the results

The numbers of this campaign might seem small, but as Porsche Netherlands sells approximately 2.000 cars per year in the Netherlands, the business impact of the campaign was significant. Thanks to specific targeting and smart filtering, Marché Macan brought in 437 leads, of which 142 (32% vs. 10% benchmark) where qualitative and converted into an actual test drive. In the end, 1 in 5 participants (23,24%) bought the car they drove to pick up a product, adding up to roughly 3 million in revenue. This gave the campaign an ROI of 1875%.