2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category C02. Live Shows / Concerts / Festivals
Idea Creation KINOGRAF Kiev, UKRAINE
Media Placement KINOGRAF Kiev, UKRAINE
Name Company Position
Oleh Kyselitsia Kinograf Creative Director
Vitaliy Kokoshko Kinograf CEO
Olga Kokoshko Kinograf Strategic Director
Oleksandr Titarchuk Kinograf Copywriter
Bogdana Zayets Kinograf Copywriter
Daniil Tkachenko Kinograf Copywriter
Anastasiia Zakharova Kinograf Copywriter
Dmytro Humenuk Kinograf Art Director
Olena Sidko Kinograf Designer
Slava Balabanov Kinograf Strategist
Sergey Yarosh Kinograf Strategist
Tetiana Pashkivska Kinograf Senior Account Manager

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

Our event is an example of the brand experience and activation since we involved the client into the promo activation in two different ways. We caused the viral effect that made the online activation happen and our unusual problem solving creative idea brought fans to the pub.


Kyiv hosts Champions League Final. Thousands of fans will be spending money in local establishments. We had to bring people into the pub despite its conservatism and uncomfortable location far from the stadium and central fan zone.

Describe the creative idea

Rent prices in Kyiv unfairly grew up to $3.000. Tourists could not find the accommodation for an acceptable price. Beer Point declared war on hotels and launched a special event #FairBnB – Fair Beer and Breakfast. On May, 26 the pub didn’t close, but was open all night long for international fans. Why pay $3.000 for a hotel if you can drink beer for $2 all night and have fun with English, Spanish and Ukrainian fans? In the morning free breakfast, toothbrushes and on board.

Describe the strategy

Primary target: foreign fans who came to Ukraine and don’t want to pay for an unfairly expensive accommodation. Secondary target: Ukrainian beer lovers who are ashamed of their greedy compatriots. While all pubs were screaming about their tasty beer, we did something else. We found the fans’ problem and solved it. This way we got the loyalty of the foreign tourists. The Ukrainians were proud to see someone who was doing good things and not trying to make a quick profit on the foreigners.

Describe the execution

Two weeks before the game, we became a host on Couchsurfing. We placed our print in the Liverpool fan press and our banner in the Real Madrid fan site inviting football lovers to spend the night at Beer Point in Kyiv. We created a viral effect and, what is more important, we did it in the countries of the Champions League finalists. European tourists, who were coming to Ukraine, knew about our event before booking hotels.

List the results

As result, a local Kyiv pub got free appearance on national TV, mentions in the international press and 80 million PR impressions. Monthly attendance by foreigners increased 300%. More than 400 guests during the Final game considering that the pub’s capacity is 200 people. Web and social traffic rose 280%. TV appearance, media and viral effect in Ukraine got Kyiv fans’ attention, since they could come, meet the foreign fans and have a great time together.