2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category C03. Exhibitions / Installations
Entrant TV 2 DENMARK Copenhagen, DENMARK
Idea Creation TV 2 DENMARK Copenhagen, DENMARK
Media Placement TV 2 DENMARK Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production TV 2 DENMARK Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Kristian Vestergaard TV 2 Denmark Creative Concept Developer
Sebastian Zamorski TV 2 Denmark Creative Concept Developer
Chaga Signe Bruun TV 2 Denmark Creative Director
Vicky Wassmann Dahi TV 2 Denmark Head of Branding
Sanne Nørgaard Fink TV 2 Denmark Campaign Manager
Tina Ringberg Haahr TV 2 Denmark Head of Design & Promotion
Kristjan Olesen TV 2 Denmark Motion Graphic Designer
Helle Jensen TV 2 Denmark Head of Production
Charlotte Refslund TV 2 Denmark Producer
Ida Groth Larsen TV 2 Denmark Project Manager
Maja Langdal TV 2 Denmark Project Manager assistant
Jens Lyd TV 2 Denmark Dubbing
Rasmus Bæk Freelance Constrution manager
Morten Just TV 2 Denmark Developer
Jacob Weinreich TV 2 Denmark CMO

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

For the 15th season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ we decided it was time to not only make people watch the TV show but also to take the brand to a new level of engagement – giving them a unique experience with the brand.


‘Dancing with the Stars’ is one of Denmark’s most beloved and long lasting tv shows. With an older audience, it was time to reach out to younger generations, who mostly know dancing from games like ‘Fortnite’ or ‘Just Dance’ As part of the campaign for the show we decided to embrace that in our promotion.

Describe the creative idea

We made ‘Dancing with the Stars’ into a battle of dance by building our own ‘Dancing With The Stars’ arcade dancing machine. Made from scratch. With the ‘Dance battle machine’ we invited the target group to engage with the brand in a new and innovative way.

Describe the strategy

We wanted the target audience to have the chance to dance with the famous professional dancers as well as enter a competition of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ themselves. We needed to create a product that could reach a young target audience and spread dancing joy among the Danes. We placed the machine around the country in carefully chosen spots where a lot of people often come by with friends and family.

Describe the execution

We called it 'Dance Battle' and invited the famous dancers from the TV show to invent and choreograph the gameplay inside the machine. The users could choose between ‘1 Player’ and ‘2 Player’ mode and a HARD or EASY level of the dance, and we even created an 8-bit version of the well know title melody. The machine went on a grand tour around the country in the weeks around the premiere, such as Copenhagen Grand Central Station and the biggest shopping malls around the country. As a bonus we placed the machine in the studio after its grand tour. Here it invited the audience from the live show to have a taste of what the show and brand is all about.

List the results

People loved the Dance Arcade Machine – especially the younger generation. People danced with the friends, family and even strangers. The machine spread joy of dance around the country, but most importantly, people also watched the TV show. ‘Dancing with the Stars’ ended up having the best premiere for the last four years, and the number of young Danes between 15-34 years increased by 21 %.