2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Short List
Category A05. Automotive
Entrant HAVAS Madrid, SPAIN
Idea Creation HAVAS Madrid, SPAIN
Production HAVAS Madrid, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Jesús Lada Havas Chief Creative Officer
Fernando Zurita Havas Creative Director
David Díaz Carretero Havas Copy
Elisa Sánchez Havas Art Director
Raquel Pérez Navas Havas Production Manager
Vicky Morón Havas Producer
Alba Somoza Havas Producer
Jorge Montero Havas Editor
Rosa Galera Havas Account Manager
Ana Moraleja Havas Account Executive
Santiago Guzzo Havas Social Media

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

We created the first public car park that is paid for through recycling, and we actively engaged users in the task of protecting their beaches by offering them the possibility of paying for their parking time not with money, but with plastic collected from the beach. This initiative achieved a major impact and generated significant media buzz by creating the first car park paid for with plastic containers, furthermore demonstrating that an automotive company can have a positive impact on society.


Raise awareness for the launch of the new 100% Electric Hyundai KONA. Reinforce brand values associated with ecology and respect for the environment. Strive for greater social relevance with an initiative that not only raises awareness but also has a positive impact on society.

Describe the creative idea

Plastic pollution is reaching alarming levels. Hyundai, a brand that works to make its vehicles more environmentally friendly, devised an initiative to raise awareness and turn this terrible situation around. At a beach car park located in the tourist destination of Sanxenxo, Pontevedra (Spain), we installed a special device where parking time was paid for by recycling plastic containers. This action in a public space got users to actively engage with the brand through a dynamic based on care, respect and raising awareness about the seriousness of the situation and the urgent need to provide solutions. In a matter of days, in a single car park, we managed to recycle the amount of plastic waste produced by 25 people annually. In a country with 7,268 km of coastline, just imagine what we could achieve.

Describe the strategy

We chose a car park with exposure to plastics as a result of the overcrowding which normally occurs in the summer season, in the town of Sanxenxo, Pontevedra (Spain); a car park where parking time was paid for with plastic containers. We pulled together a special coordination team at the event to provide assistance and information to car park customers on-site. We ensured presence of the 100% electric Hyundai model. We produced an audio-visual piece for digital broadcast communicating the initiative. We invited local and national media to attend. We devised a content and brand ambassador strategy reinforcing the environmental values that add legitimacy to the brand’s discourse.

Describe the execution

We recycled an existing technology and created a pioneering initiative with an advertising action in a public space that provided a response to the alarming problem of the pollution of our oceans with plastic. In a beach car park located in the tourist destination of Sanxenxo, Pontevedra (Spain) we installed a special device so that the people who went to the beach could pay for their parking time by recycling plastic containers. A special information stand, presence of the electric car and a team of coordinators provided aid and assistance to potential customers about using the recycling and ticket exchange system. We invited the local media to raise awareness of the initiative and created an integrated content plan galvanising the brand’s commitment to the environment.

List the results

- Car park with 100% occupancy, 10 hours a day. Thanks to the excellent reception of the initiative, we managed to demonstrate that a car park like this can collect the plastic waste equivalent to the amount produced by 25 people in a year. - Reach: 4.6M - Campaign video views: 1.8M - PR: 15M OTS and 60 media outlets picked up the story, + €200,000 in earned media value. - Qualitative: social recognition and relevance of Hyundai.